About Us

Our Beginning

There are times in life where we find ourselves sitting on the fence, we make no decisions in fear of making the wrong decision.  In reality there is there is no wrong choice, you need to take a stance and make it work. with confidence you have won before you have started. Despite this the majority will stay on the fence and will only dream of what could be… doubt has killed more dreams and ambitions than failure ever has.  Armstrong is the result of such a scenario, tired of waiting for the perfect idea, the founder came to the realization that “perfect” does not present itself to those sat idle, like a diamond you must expend effort to find it, only then you can start the long and possibly endless process of refining and perfecting it. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Armstrong is to supply a range of premium quality gym wear and accessories whilst providing value to our customers.  We take time to source garments that are not only comfortable but clothes that accentuate the physique.